Meet Alan

Alan Cohn is an investigative journalist who has spent three decades taking on powerful people and corporations, exposing corruption, and uncovering the truth. His wide-ranging enterprise reporting has exposed police brutality coverups, environmental scandals, and corrupt politicians abusing their power.

The countless stories he’s reported, include a three-year investigation, where he uncovered a defense contractor installing defective parts on Black Hawk Helicopters and putting the lives of troops at risk. It includes a South Florida Water Management System facility that was allegedly burying barrels of Agent Orange underground. He crawled on his hands and knees under a fence to trespass into the facility and get a soil sample.

And years ago, he found a homeless Vietnam Vet with PTSD eating out of a trash can and being denied benefits from the Veterans Administration. He reported on the man’s story, tracked down his commanding officer to prove he was in combat, and helped get him $60k in back pay along with a $2000 monthly benefit check. Alan also caught a fake U.S. Marine masquerading as a decorated war hero despite never serving in the military, which resulted in a federal conviction of violating the stolen valor act.

In one of Tampa’s biggest political scandals, he exposed a State Senator who took a half million dollars from a wealthy businessman to buy an undisclosed vacation home.

For Alan, investigative journalism was a way to make a positive impact on society by holding powerful people, corporations, and politicians accountable and shining light on their behavior when they hurt the public good. He’s running for Congress, because he believes exposing the wrongdoing of political leaders and massive corporations was no longer enough; he had to get in the fight himself and make the policy changes that working people in our country need.

He’s running for Congress, because healthcare is a human right and we need to make sure every person in this country has access to affordable healthcare, but we have a broken healthcare system, where too many Americans don’t have health insurance and the ones that do can’t afford their monthly premiums and sky high deductibles.

He’s running for Congress, because climate change is an existential threat that threatens our planet and taking bold, urgent action is the only way we can mitigate the worst effects of this crisis.

He’s running for Congress, because prescription drug costs are out of control and people deserve to get the medications they need for a fair price.

He’s running for Congress, because we have got to address the threat of Coronavirus head on and provide economic relief to families and small businesses who are affected by it. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic that has killed over 140k people and caused millions to lose their jobs. It threatens further economic destruction and massive loss of life if we do not take immediate action to contain the virus.

Below are a few of the biggest stories Alan broke as an investigative journalist:

"Jim Norman Investigation"

Alan Cohn exposes a corrupt politician who hid his ownership of a vacation home

"Stolen Valor"

Alan Cohn exposes a con artist who lied about being a marine


Alan Cohn wins the Peabody award for his 3 year investigation on defective parts on Black Hawk Helicopters putting the lives of our troops in danger

"Everglades Vet"

Alan Cohn helps a Vietnam Vet get 30 years of benefits that the VA was denying him.