Meet Alan Cohn

Alan Cohn is the former anchor / managing editor of ABC 7 News at 7 p.m., which takes an in-depth, investigative look at hot issues of the day. Cohn is the recipient of the 2007 George Foster Peabody Award, one of journalism’s highest honors, for uncovering that defective parts were being installed on Black Hawk helicopters built by Stratford-based Sikorsky Aircraft.

For over 30-years, Alan has been speaking truth to power. Whether it’s taking on corporations making defective equipment for the military, exposing criminals, and corrupt politicians, crusading for consumer rights, and standing up for veterans, Alan Cohn earned the reputation as one of the most respected and investigative reporters in the nation. As Chief Investigative Reporter at WFTS-TV in Tampa, he exposed a fake U.S. Marine masquerading as a decorated war hero in Tampa.

Alan exposed a political candidate who took a half million dollars from a wealthy businessman to buy a undisclosed vacation home. Alan also caught a local man who was passing himself off as a recipient of the Navy Cross despite never serving in the military, which resulted in a federal conviction of violating the stolen valor act.

In his eight years at WTNH-TV, Alan not only won the Peabody Award, he uncovered a ring of DMV employees selling drivers licenses illegally on the black market resulting in a state wide scandal and criminal convictions.

While at New England Cable News in Boston, Alan received a Page 1 byline in the Boston Globe for uncovering a brutal police beating and he earned an Emmy Award after discovering a convicted killer trying to become a Boston police officer. In Miami, Alan earned an Emmy Award for winning back benefits for a lost and forgotten Vietnam veteran.

Along the way Cohn has worked for ABC News, reported for NBC News and worked five years at CBS News in New York where he helped cover the 1980 and 1984 Presidential elections. He was the 2014 Democratic nominee for Congress in Florida’s 15th Congressional District. Endorsed by Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and described by Creative Loafing as “An impressive candidate all around,” and “The best Democrat to run for this seat in over a decade.”

Cohn is a graduate of Hofstra University and a 2011 graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy where he joined other select community leaders in Tampa in participating in courses involving terrorism, espionage, white-collar crime, and cyber crime. Alan and his wife Patricia live in Tampa, FL. and have two children Ann and Aaron.